Advertising just in time for summer... and more :)

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30. 6. 2023

The beginning of summer is upon us, the weather is spoiling us with high temperatures....

 Is it too late to start a an advertising campaign with sunbeds in the background ????

Of course not!

The robust sunbeds we produce for you at Eclipse Print is a great advertisement not only in the summer, but all year round.

The positive associations that sunbeds evoke will transfer to the advertisement you present  and we will take care of the rest at Eclipse Print:

- a frame made of waterproof plywood, which we can give the colour of your choice,

- various types of textiles, including extremely durable ones that can be printed on both sides,

- finishing details.

You're thinking - why do I need sunbeds for the whole year, when after the season the textiles are worn out and I have new ideas for graphics?

 We've thought of that too - a simple graphics replacement system will ensure that your sunbeds are always aesthetically pleasing and your graphics are always up to date.

How about a table for your sunbeds? Why not?

At Eclipse Print, we will make it for you from equally durable plywood and finish it individually for your project (printing on the tabletop, additional textiles attached to the tabletop to increase the advertising area of the table).


Check it out for yourself!!!

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