EFI Nozomi C 18 000 Plus

POS digital printing
22. 2. 2023

We start 2023 at Eclipse Print with the implementation of projects using the our new digital printing machine EFI Nozomi C 18000 Plus.

The first impression is made by the machine dimensions, but the real WOW effect is caused by the technical capabilities of this machine and the benefits of its use.


What does this mean for our customers?

• Excellent print quality

– advanced color management and extensive toolset for late-stage image editing,

– next-generation color technology with Fiery Edge™ profiles from Fiery Color Profiler Suite,

– powerful spot color management for accurate brand colors with Fiery Spot Pro,

       – maintain color quality and uniformity with an automated inspection system. 


• Shorter terms

– the possibility of two-sided printing with a width of 1.8 meters at a speed of 75 m/min,

– direct printing on the cardboard eliminates changes in the moisture content of the material resulting from the lamination process, thanks to which the production does not require additional drying time.


• Lower prices of projects and care for natural environment of our planet

– a wide range of materials for direct printing allows you to achieve the desired effect with less material and energy consumption (e.g. thanks to production without adhesive lamination process),

– EFI Nozomi C18000 is characterized by lower electricity consumption than competing devices, which is confirmed by the Fogra Process Standard Digital (PSD) Print Check Certification according to: ISO 15311 - Digital printing production standard,

– this ultra-fast, single-pass digital printing machine meet OCC certyfication (Western Michigan University Recycling, Paper and Coating Pilot Plant) for recyclability and re-pulpability,

– EFI NOZOMI C 18000 meets one of the most stringent and comprehensive standards for low emission of volatile organic compounds in production rooms, which is confirmed by the GreenGuard certificate.


Try our new EFI Nozomi C 18000 printing machine.


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