EE flute - our new standard in the production of floorstands

#floorstands #EE flute
6. 5. 2022

Smooth surface on both sides, high load resistance in relation to the thickness are the undoubted advantages of EE cardboard, which we use in the production of, among others. floor stands to offer our customers higher quality products while reducing costs.

The symmetrical connection of two E-waves makes the EE cardboard more smooth and aesthetic.

Compared to the popularly used EB wave, the EE teaktura is 40% thinner, and in the ECT (Edgewise Crush Test) cardboard strength test it achieves a similar result. Thus, the production of EE wave stands allows to reduce the costs of transport and storage while maintaining the strength of the product.

Eclipse Print machinery is equipped with a device for the production of corrugated cardboard, thanks to which we have an influence on the process of its production. We offer standard EE flute, and at the customer's request, we can use various grammages and widths of paper for the production of cardboard, while optimizing the project assumptions, material consumption and the cost of product.

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