New printer Durst P5 - 350

23. 3. 2020

The group of printing machines in the Eclipse Print in Prague was in March extended with the new Durst P5 - 350 printer. This printer allows effective printing of rolls and sheets up to 3,5m width in resolution of up to 1 200 dpi.
Very soon will be all Printing houses of Eclipse Print equipped with the same printing machines (in addition to Czech Republic also in Poland, Hungary and Slovenia).
The Durst P5 platform, expanded with two new hybrid printing solutions and supported with its own software solution, combines impressive printing quality, high productivity and efficiency.
As one of Europe's leading providers of complex large OOH, P.O.P and P.O.S format printing solutions, we at Eclipse Print not only focus on meeting the increasing demands for the printed marketing products, but also try to actively influence them through our continuous innovation and development investments.
We are pleased to offer our customers extended printing capabilities and to meet their demanding requirements of future projects.

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